Consulting & design

Avyve takes a distinctive collaborative approach to the design and development of our clients’ spaces. We focus first on you and your needs. We spend time understanding your distinct personalities as a client and organization. We then incorporate the goals and requirements that need to be achieved by our client in each individual space we design. Only then do we apply our Avyve Design Ideologies™ to create a custom tailored system that exceeds expectations.

The end results are creative, stylish solutions that are easy-to-use. Our design group is an elite team that delivers an un-matched level of detail and finesse to all our projects.


Engineering & Programming

Sound principles and uncompromising reliability is our main focus throughout the engineering and programming processes. Whether a project is simple or sophisticated, the client's goal is the same: a system that is straightforward, reliable, and easy to maintain.  Our engineers and programmers are experienced and certified and realize they directly impact a project’s ultimate success. They have a reputation for using cutting edge technology with a simplistic method of incorporation.

This segment of the project is unquestionably the main determining factor for the on-going dependability of our systems. Our thoroughness is unrivaled.

Avyve Touch Panels

System Integration & Installation

A key factor to the success of our projects is our systematic approach to in-house integration and testing. Avyve’s technical team simulates and tests the functionality of all systems, button-by-button, assuring our clients’ expected results will be achieved prior to delivery and installation. This proactive time spent in our lab reduces project delays, as well as on-site installation time. Avyve’s installation teams are among the most competent, dedicated, highly trained professionals in the industry.  Our project supervisors lead by example. They are able to approach challenges on a jobsite with assertiveness while remaining flexible in their efforts.  Avyve’s installation team proves that quality is never an accident as a result of their incessant awareness to the details of a project throughout the implementation phase.


Training & Documentation

An important part of the success of our systems is the ability to make our clients feel comfortable using their systems very quickly. Avyve will develop custom training manuals for each room of a project. This manual is simple and written in layperson terms. We insert the touch panel layout on each page with instructions on which button to press depending on what function you would like to perform.

We provide both end-user training and technical training to the IT staff responsible for supporting the systems.

Training and Documentation