Gray TV is a television broadcast company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, that owns and operates television stations and leading digital assets in markets throughout the United States. They own and operate television stations in 44 television markets broadcasting 139 program streams including 76 affiliates of the Big Four networks (ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX). The broadcast company reaches approximately 8.1 percent of total United States television households. Gray TV recently partnered with Avyve to design and build audio-visual systems for their lobby, break room and conference spaces creating a fresh and current workplace collaboration spaces for employees and guests alike. 

The first experience upon entering the lobby is the large video wall displaying Gray TV’s numerous assets. Content includes news broadcast to commercials that are owned and produced by Gray TV. The 2x4 video wall has windowing capabilities allowing any content to be displayed on the flat panels at anytime. A video can easily be stretched across displays and the content creator is not limited by the bezels on the flat panels.

Gray TV Conference Room.jpg

The main conference room incorporates a touch panel that allows for full control of the technology within the room. Two cable cubbies on the table allow participants to easily plug in a laptop or tablet to share on the large flat panel display. The room also contains ceiling speakers and integrated table microphones for seamless audio conferencing.

Gray TV’s break room includes a 70” display for watching TV during lunch and break times. Avyve worked closely with Gray TV to insure that all of their office audio visual and collaboration needs were met. The project was completed on time and on budget.