Elekta is a global medical device corporation based out of Sweden with a North American Headquarters located in Atlanta, GA. They develop systems and tools to treat cancer and brain disorders. When redesigning their Atlanta Headquarters they asked Avyve to be included in the initial stages until the end of the project to help work through the audio visual components and overall functionality of the space.

The headquarters highlights an Experience Center for investors and visitors to learn more about Elekta’s contributions to the medical device industry. The Experience Center features multiple areas including several themed sections, a resource center and an informational kiosk. Every area incorporates multiple interactive and audio visual elements.

Both the Avyve Project Development and Project Engineering teams contributed to the overall success of the project. Mark Harris, Avyve’s Project Developer said, “The Elekta Experience Center was a unique project to complete. Each area of the showroom is filled with information, but the material and audio visual elements were placed with intention to keep everything impactful.” A lot of the marketing material was fixed, but technology was incorporated with the audio visual components to easily update certain parts of the data and communication. The VP of Project Engineering, Matt Adams, says, “A lot of clients think of Avyve for conference rooms and collaboration spaces, but the technology can be integrated into various spaces for diverse purposes. Digital signage is a significant part of what we are being asked to design and integrate recently.”  The project was completed on time and in budget.