Healthcare Georgia Foundation is a statewide, private independent foundation. Through its strategic grantmaking, Healthcare Georgia Foundation supports organizations that drive positive change, promotes programs that improve health and healthcare among underserved individuals and communities, and connects people, partners and resources across Georgia. Healthcare Georgia Foundation recently partnered with Avyve to create compelling audio visual spaces for their new office. The main board room was designed to accommodate a variety of meeting styles. A large presentation screen dominates the center of the room flanked by SMART Interactive White Boards on both sides. The SMART Boards allow participants to brainstorm and write down meeting notes during a presentation. A high powered USB webcam was installed in the ceiling for video conferencing and broadcasting live webinars. The room also has the capability for full audio conferencing when required.

When designing the large conference room Avyve took extra care to create a simple yet intuitive space that would meet all of Healthcare Georgia Foundation’s daily meeting requirements. A widescreen projection system ensures that different types of data can be easily viewed from all seating positions within the room. Multiple connection points at the table allow anyone to share their laptop or tablet screen. An intuitive touch panel design allows the presenter to control the room easily and effectively. The table has a slight trapezoidal shape so that participants do not need to look around each other to see the content at hand.