Matt Adams

Chief Technology Officer

As CTO, Matt Adams has 13 years of experience in the audiovisual industry, all with Avyve.  Matt graduated from Clemson University with a Mechanical Engineering degree.

In this role, Matt manages the engineering, programming and CAD teams at Avyve. These teams are responsible for the daily project management of all integrated projects, as well as component specification, timing of procurement, system programming, in-field commissioning and preparation of project documentation to support end of project training and client acceptance. Matt is also responsible for the selection and approval of our vendor partners and their associated products and services. Once selected, Matt ensures our technical teams are trained and certified, ensuring quality and consistency for our clients.

Matt grew up around the corner of Avyve’s headquarters in Norcross, Georgia.  He started playing hockey when he was only six years old.  His birthday is on Halloween and he enjoys working on and fixing cars.