Marianne Marcheso

Chief Sales Officer

Marianne Marcheso began her career in telecom as a project manager with very select Fortune 500 companies, including Microsoft, EDS and Adidas.  She grew up in San Diego, California, graduating from Fresno State University with a BA degree in Communications. 

As Chief Sales Officer, Marianne provides strategic direction and leadership to Avyve’s sales teams.  She oversees the design and implementation of business and product development activities; increasing brand awareness nationally.  Marianne works closely with Avyve’s executives to provide sales strategies, forecasting and business management advice to maintain alignment with the business efforts and achieve their overall goals and targets.

Marianne’s daughter recently introduced her to American Sign Language, allowing her to embrace the beauty of others in their native language.  Reading is a must—for pleasure, for work and as an escape.  She also played soccer throughout college and is an Atlanta United fan!