Allan Small


As Chief Financial Officer and a key member of the Executive team, Allan Small has a combined 28 years in the audiovisual industry, with ten of those years tenured at Avyve.  Having worked with both small and large-sized organizations, including publicly-traded companies, Allan has a unique perspective on the industry.  He is able to analyze and implement solutions that create operational cost savings, including increasing efficiencies, productivity and applicable financial reporting.

Allan’s responsibilities include the oversight of Avyve’s financial and administrative teams.  These teams include warehousing and logistics, procurement, accounting, human resources and office management.  In all of these areas, Allan analyzes and implements solutions that create operational cost savings through increased efficiencies and custom financial reporting. 

Allan was born and raised in Montreal, Canada.  He has a BBA with a concentration in Accounting from Georgia State University.  Allan likes to cook and has a large family, including 23 cousins on his mother’s side.  Allan is an avid student of history; enjoying documentaries on history, economics, or political science.